Ventilation & HVAC

CFD application : simulation of the heating and ventilation of a public building (school) for an analysis of comfort and air quality.

Air quality study in a public school


  • Public building.

  • Comfort criteria to be respected.

  • Health criteria to be respected.

  • Key physics concepts : ventilation, thermal exchanges, particles tracking.
cfd simulation of school - geometry
cfd simulation of school - mesh


  • Temperature and humidity control.

  • Particle residence time control.

  • Impact of students and teachers presence.

Contributions to the project

  • Development of a detailed 3D model.

  • Development of the physical model.

  • Running simulations.

  • Analysis of the comfort and health criteria.

  • Impact of filling classrooms on air circulation in the building.

  • Validation of natural and mechanical ventilation to be installed.
cfd simulation of school - Temperature field
cfd simulation of school - Streamline

Technical environment

  • Linux and Windows.

  • Meshing with Salome and OpenFOAM.

  • CFD with Code_Saturne.

  • Visualisation with ParaView.

  • Personal computing cluster.