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Computational Fluid Dynamics

NEMOSFLOW is a specialized engineering consultancy in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), based on the passion and expertise of an experienced consultant engineer.

Today, this discipline provides a wide range of answers for understanding, anticipating and optimising any process involving fluids, from purely industrial processes to R&D-oriented projects. Used wisely, a numerical approach can greatly reduce risks and costs, making it a valuable ally in many projects.

The aim of NEMOSFLOW is to share the benefits of this formidable tool, CFD, in a reasoned and sensible way. The offered support covers the entire simulation phase: from the development of the methodology to the analysis and transmission of results, including the construction of the geometric model, the mesh, the physical model and the simulations.

Get the expertise and the flexibility of a freelance CFD consultant

Photo consultant Matthieu Morel

Passionate about fluid mechanics and numerical simulation, I have been working in this field for over ten years and have specialised in it. My career has allowed me to acquire expertise in this field, thanks to multi-sector experiences, firstly as an employee and then as a freelancer. This applies in particular to the sector’s varied and high-quality open source software.

For 4 years, I have been offering this expertise to companies via the single-member company NEMOSFLOW, as a consulting engineer. This status gives me a very beneficial freedom of action and flexibility to carry out the studies in a sustainable, optimized and transparent way. I also have the hope to convey existing interest and benefits in correctly understanding the physics that govern our world and our processes.

Realized CFD projects & simulations

Carrying out studies, providing technical assistance, but also taking part in collaborative projects… I have worked in a number of sectors:

  • Thermal simulation
  • Ventilation and HVAC
  • Aeraulics in confined and free atmosphere environments
  • Wind resistance
  • Multi-phase simulations
  • Interface monitoring
  • Atmospheric dispersion
  • Hydraulic

At the end of my assignments, I summarise addressed issues and provided solutions in the development of a portfolio, made up of prototypes based on the actual studied processes. Don’t hesitate to consult it for a more concrete overview of my work!

News about NEMOSFLOW

Apart from my projects, I enjoy talking about CFD, software I use, as well as pass on my knowledge. Find out more about my CFD publications in the blog!

Publication with Kitware company : scientific visualisation with Paraview

In this blog post, we present some of the many features of Paraview software that are useful for post-processing in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). We illustrate this with a real-life application: the impact of tornado winds on buildings. Read this publication on the Kitware blog.

paraview logo

Last publication in our "Tips & tricks for CFD" section

Particle filtering modelling in OpenFOAM

Presentation of the “FaceInteraction” function in OpenFOAM (ESI version), used to define interactions between particles (Lagrangian approach) and internal surface areas. A small application is proposed to complete a filter model.

Last article in our "Technical analyses" section

Comparison of wind pressure coefficients on a cube between experimental results and some CFD approaches with code_saturne

This is the first in a series of articles describing how computational fluid mechanics can provide answers in the world of civil engineering. The approach focuses on turbulence modelling, in order to identify best compromises for obtaining relevant information.

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