This section contains a few examples of CFD simulations and projects carried out to illustrate my work and experience. Depending on the case, these may be real studies, prototypes inspired by them, or personal projects. The aim in each case is to summarise addressed problems, proposed solutions and used resources.

Issues we deal with

Broadly, CFD studies can cover all industrial sectors where a fluid is involved. Please feel free to consult the proposed services for more information.

CFD simulation with code_saturne - Tornado in urban area

CFD simulation of tornado wind impact on a sensitive structure

Wind resistance, dynamic pressure, turbulence

cfd simulation atmospheric dispersion - pollutant concentration

Simulation of near field atmospheric dispersion for odour nuisance

Atmospheric flow, dispersion, multiphasic flow with dispersed regime

CFD simulation - Storm overflow

Storm overflow characterization

Diphasic flow, interface tracking

cfd simulation - school ventilation

Air quality study in a public school

Ventilation, building thermal engineering, comfort and health risks

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