About us

NEMOSFLOW is a one-man consultancy office through which I exercise my passion for CFD in the service of industry and R&D as a consultant. This independent status allows me to propose solutions with the freedom and flexibility to adapt to each request. It also allows me to act in full respect of my values and convictions.

A long passion for CFD

My ten years of work experience concern the numerical study of the physics of flows. I’ve been running my business and supporting my customers with NEMOSFLOW for 4 years.

At the interface between science and industry

I want to help the industrial world to take advantage of this great tool that is CFD, with a balance between their physical modelling needs, based on the nature of involved processes, and the constraints inherent in any project.

A wish for help and transparency

In addition to results, the understanding and transmission of the built methodology are an integral part of my values. I want the companies I work with to gain expertise in understanding fluidic processes involved in their processes, and in CFD modelling.


Opting for NEMOSFLOW, it’s make the choice of an independent consultant, it’s the will to collaborate above all with a single person, his skills and his values.

Various positions and missions, which allowed me to develop several specialities, many skills, and the necessary perspective for any modeling approach.

My desire to help you as well as possible is not subject to any constraint, I am able to assume each choice that I make in your interest.

A single interlocutor, master of his actions and gestures, is the assurance of a fluid collaboration.

From fast and targeted CFD studies to longer and more complex R&D project, each mission is calibrated according to your exact needs.


You don’t need to provide any licences or hardware, as my support includes all the required tools for my services.

Thanks to the use of open source tools, the transmission of the methodology is greatly facilitated, with the possibility to reproduce the same type of calculations on your site afterwards.


Carrying out a project at NEMOSFLOW is in line with our values and convictions, which underline our sincere desire to help you.

These virtues are essential for developing a relationship of trust and communicating effectively. I believe this is essential.

CFD is first and foremost… physics! A numerical approach should never be taken without taking a serious look at chosen assumptions and modelling. In my studies, I try to keep physics at the heart of the analysis, in particular by highlighting strengths and weaknesses of the proposed approaches.

In order to make the right decisions, I believe it’s important to have as much information as possible at my disposal. This is a right that is shared by those I work with, which is why I include in my services the presentation and justification of my approaches. That’s also why I work mainly with open source tools.

Just as my knowledge is useful to me, I sincerely hope that it can be useful to others. That’s why I try to pass it on during my collaborations.


For each collaboration, NEMOSFLOW undertakes to respect essential criteria in the customer interests.

Necessary time is devoted to setting up a study, in order to propose the most optimal solution:

  • According to modelling requirements and desired solutions
  • According to project constraints (time, budget, etc.)

I undertake to provide the human and/or material resources necessary to ensure a fully satisfactory service, including in particular my know-how and technical knowledge, all in standard practice.

Any agreement implies strict confidentiality regarding exchanges, data or any other information.

NEMOSFLOW guarantees its ability to carry out the proposed activities, in particular by complying with the legal rules and obligations in force.

Any project or question?

I’ll be happy to discuss it!