Atmospheric dispersion

CFD application with near field atmospheric dispersion

CFD simulation of near field atmospheric dispersion for odour nuisance


  • Urban development project near a waste management centre.

  • Key physics concepts : atmospheric dispersion, multi-phases flows, atmospheric boundary layer.
cfd simulation atmospheric dispersion - mesh


  • Air quality assessment for future residents.

  • Is the odour exposure limit value likely to be exceeded in certain areas and under certain weather conditions?

  • Which weather conditions are the most unfavourable?

  • What does CFD offer compared to a study with a Gaussian model and annual statistics?

Contributions to the project

  • Development of a model with construction of a detailed 3D model of the area of interest.

  • Selection of unfavourable weather patterns.

  • Performing simulations.

  • Analysis of odour concentration in the project area for the different configurations.

  • Contribution of CFD: detailed results at a fine scale (~1m), with precise impact of buildings.
cfd simulation atmospheric dispersion - streamlines
cfd simulation atmospheric dispersion - pollutant concentration

Technical environment

  • Linux and Windows.

  • Programming with Fortran and C++.

  • Meshing with Salome and OpenFOAM.

  • CFD with Code_Saturne.

  • Visualisation with ParaView.

  • Personal computing cluster.