Proposed services

Here you’ll find a description of solutions and answers NEMOSFLOW can provide, as well as the type of support we offer, mastered skills and used tools.

Consulting, study and development in CFD​​

NEMOSFLOW is a consultancy office proposing services in numerical fluid mechanics. The company has expertise in multiple sectors, thanks to a skill set around CFD. From simple advice to the most advanced modeling, through the development of specific applications, collaboration is possible concerning all processes related to this.

Modeling & Simulation

Complete realisation of CFD studies, from the need analysis to the implementation of the appropriate responses, via a complete approach: modeling, meshing, simulation, analysis and restitution.

R&D developments

Development of new models or new methodologies, analysis of existing codes or models, digital implementation and scientific programming.

Knowledge transmission

Construction of internal methodologies, based on open source software, to offer companies the possibility of dealing with a CFD problem in a more autonomous way.

Activity areas

The physics of flows is a vast field, and most sectors of activity have problems calling upon it. Thus, the services that I offer can cover all of these sectors.




Building & Urban planning

Ventilation / HVAC




Key skills

Needs to realise a complete study, with strength of proposals and perspective necessary to carry out relevant work, led to the development of three main areas of expertise.

Physics modeling

  • Fluid mechanics
  • Turbulence
  • Thermal transferts
  • Species transport and dispersion
  • Biphasic flows
  • Porous materials
  • Free surface flows
  • Fluid structure interaction
  • Combustion

Knowledge of used software

  • CAD software
  • Meshing software
  • CFD software
  • 3D visualisation software

Numerical development

  • Numerical methods
  • Parallel calculations
  • Linux environment
  • Scientific programming
  • Main scientific programming langages : C/C++, Fortran, Python

Used tools

At NEMOSFLOW, CFD expertise is mainly based on the use of recognized open source software. This transparency, this access to sources helps to ensure the relevance of the results obtained, and to be part of a community wishing to share knowledge. Furthermore, the possible transmission of the methodologies developed is greatly facilitated. However, if you need to use other software, some commercial licences are available through our network of partners.

openfoam logo

World-class CFD software, developed by OpenCFD (ESI) and the OpenFOAM community

CFD software developed by EDF R&D

 Software for thermal applications developed by EDF R&D

2D/3D mesh generator developed by Christophe Geuzaine and Jean-François Remacle

Multifunctional software platform, including CAD and mesh generation, developed by EDF R&D

Data analysis and 3D visualization software, developed by Kitware Inc.


Way to collaborate

To respond to any type of request, from well-defined specifications to a more exploratory problem, collaboration can be managed in several forms, by proposing the most appropriate offer for your needs. Most of the work is done remotely. NEMOSFLOW also has his own calculation server, and can rely on his network of partners if necessary.

Fixed price study

For well-defined specifications, a precise need, with deadlines and a well-established budget.


Technical assistance

For a temporary team reinforcement, the need for a particular skill for a given time, or an R&D type problem where the implementation of precise specifications is sometimes more complex.


Multi-year partnerships

To deal with new issues, R&D projects, with collaborations between companies, communities and research centers (FUI, ANR, consortia).


Any project or question?

I’ll be happy to discuss it!