Immiscible fluids simulation

CFD application for a diphasic flow air / water.

Storm overflow characterization


  • Structures used on water drainage networks to regulate the flow in the event of heavy rainfall.

  • In some cases, 3D / CFD modelling is able to provide additional information to conventional 0/1D approaches (complex geometry, multiple upstream flows, change in flow regime, etc.).

  • Key physics concepts : biphasic flows, interface tracking
CFD simulation - Storm overflow - Working principle
CFD simulation - Storm overflow - Geometry


  • Maintained water flow control.

  • Deformation of the flow surface.

  • Change in flow regime, risk of hydraulic overflow.

Contributions to the project

  • Development of a detailed 3D model.

  • Selection of flow configurations to be studied.

  • Running CFD simulations.

  • Flow analysis: surface deformation, risk of hydraulic surge.

  • Bypass system optimisation.

  • Improved control of flow rate.
CFD simulation - Storm overflow - Realized mesh
CFD simulation - Storm overflow

Technical environment

  • Linux and Windows.

  • Meshing with Salome and OpenFOAM.

  • CFD with OpenFOAM.

  • Visualisation with ParaView.

  • Personal computing cluster.